Dairy Goat Breeds: Best Breeds For Goat Farming Business

Highly milk productive goats are known as dairy goat breeds. Some goat breeds produce milk highly. There are numerous milk producing goats are available around the world.

Some of those breeds are larger in size and some are very small. For example, Nigerian dwarf goats are very small in size but considered as a dairy goat.

Although all goats produce some milk, but all of them are suitable for commercial production. Origination and physical characteristics of some highly productive milk goat breeds are described below.


Saanen is among the best dairy goat breeds around the world. They were originated form western part of Switzerland. Many countries in the world like Australia, West Indies, India, Ghana, Kenya, Israel, Malaysia, Philippine etc. are now rearing this dairy goat for commercial milk production. Saanen goats can tolerate almost all types of weather condition around the world.

  • The body of Saanen goat is covered with white or bright white colored hair.
  • There are black spots in their nose and ears.
  • They always keep their ears up.
  • Udder is very big sized.
  • They have very small sized hair on their body.
  • Usually they have no horns over their head.
  • An adult male goat weights about 70 to 75 kg and female 60 to 70 kg.
  • Their neck is very long and thin.
  • They always like to stay under shade.
  • A Saanen doe produce about 2 to 3 kg milk daily.
  • Milk of saanen goat contain about 3.5 % fat.

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Toggenburg is another popular dairy goat. They were originated from north eastern area of Switzerland. They are very big sized. Dairy goat breeders of India, Malaysia, Philippine, Venezuela, South Africa etc.  are raising Toggenburg goats for the purpose of commercial milk production. So they are among the best dairy goat breeds.

  • The color of Toggenburg goat’s body brown or chocolate.
  • They have white spots in their knee and mouth.
  • Throat is long, light and straight.
  • Ears are black colored but white near neck.
  • Both male and female goats don’t have any horns.
  • A female Toggenburg goat can produce about 3 kg milk daily.
  • They love to graze in the field.
  • An adult male goat weights about 60 to 65 kg and female 70 kg.

Anglo Nubian

Anglo Nubian goat is one of the popular hybrid dairy goat breeds. This breed were created through cross breeding of Nubian and English goat. They are very beautiful to look and can produce milk highly. They produce more milk than Nubian goat of Switzerland. They are also famous for meat production. They can adapt themselves easily with the environment easily.

  • The color of Anglo Nubian goat’s body is usually white, black, brown or mixed.
  • Ears are hanging.
  • They are very strong and active.
  • They have no horn.
  • Their legs are very long.
  • They have bit sized udder.
  • They love to graze on the field.
  • They are also suitable for farming in bounded place.
  • Newly born baby goat weights about 2 to 4 kg.
  • An Anglo Nubian doe can produce about 2 to 3 kg milk daily on an average.


Alpine goat is a highly productive dairy goat breed. They were originated from Switzerland (from near a mountain named ‘Alps’). This breed is available in almost all countries of Europe. People of Europe used to make various milk products by using Alpine goat’s milk.

  • Body of Alpine goats is white, blackish, brown or mixed colored.
  • Some goat have horns.
  • They are very suitable for farming in bounded place.
  • A female Alpine goat can produce about 4 to 5 kg milk daily.
  • Alpine goat milk contain about 3.5 % fat.
  • An adult male goat weights about 65 kg and female 60 kg.
  • They can adapt themselves easily with any environment.


Jamunapari goats were originated from Itaoa zila (the middle place of Ganga, Jomuna and Chombol river) of India. They are very popular as dairy goat breed in India and south-east Asia. Most of the farmer raise them mainly for their milk production. They also produce meat highly, but their meat is not so popular. They are known as ‘cow of poor’ in India.

  • They are very big sized goat.
  • Ears are very long and hanging.
  • The color of their body is white, black, yellow, brown or different mixed color.
  • Udder is very big and well arranged.
  • Legs are very long.
  • They are very hardy and become restless.
  • Jamunapari doe give birth of one baby goat per year.
  • Horns are very short and skate.
  • An adult male goat heights about 90 to 125 cm and female 75 to 105 cm.
  • Adult male goats usually weight about 68 to 90 kg and female 35 to 60 kg.
  • A female goat produce about 3.5 kg milk daily.
  • Tail is very small and narrow.
  • Milk of Jamunapari goat contain about 5 % of fat.
  • They love grazing.

These are some world famous and very popular dairy goat breeds. All of the above dairy goat breeds are suitable for commercial milk production. If you intend to start dairy goat farming business, then consider any of the above breeds.

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