Duck Housing: How to Make A Good House For Your Ducks

Duck housing is not so important for duck farming. Because adult ducks don’t require housing. But it would be better if they have given some protection. They will lay eggs better and damage less food.

Ducks generally loves to stay in crowd place. The mature duck which are confined at night need 4-5 square feet floor space for each. Every 4-6 female duck needs a nest for laying eggs. Ducks generally love darkness.

So, it is not important to lightening the house. But artificial light helps to prevent piling at night.

The floor of the duck house may be build with dirt, concrete, wood or bamboo. Use straw inside the house as bed. It is very easy to clean and make dry of the floor, made with straw bed. Make the house well ventilated. Following topics will help you to make a house for ducks.

  • Make the house in calm and quite place if possible.
  • The house should located near the grazing area of duck.
  • Make the house high from the ground.
  • It would be better if you make the house above water.
  • Make a fence around the house to keep them free from all types of predators.
  • Be sure the wild animal can’t disturb them.
  • Keep sufficient food and water pot inside the house.
  • Keep some nest or basket for laying eggs.
  • Provide artificial light if necessary.
  • Ensure that the duck house is suitable, safe and comfortable for living to the ducks.

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