Goat Diseases: Different Diseases Affect Goat Production

Diseases in goats are generally less than any other livestock animals. But for commercial goat farming, you must have to know about some goat diseases and their prevention methods.

If any goat of your farm get infected by diseases, then the growth and production also get reduced seriously. So you should be very conscious about various types of goat diseases and their preventive methods.

Goats generally get infected by viral, parasites and malnutritious diseases. Some goat diseases, symptoms and necessary steps for preventing those diseases are shortly described below.


Anthrax disease causes in goats due to a bacteria named ‘bacillus anthracis’. This virus enter into the body of goat through their feed, water, breath and wound places. And start showing symptoms within 1 to 5 days. Sometimes goat may die without any symptoms. Blood may come out from the nose, mouth and anus of goat.

  • Symptoms: The affected goats stop eating suddenly. They do not ruminate. Temperature of their body can be up to 41° Fahrenheit. They suffer much while breathing. The germ of this goat disease can survive for up to 40 years and can infect humans and other animals.
  • Treatment: Apply antibiotic medicine like penicillin,  ampicillin, tetracycline etc. according to the suggestion of a veterinary surgeon. Apply anthrax disease preventive vaccine once to the goat.


Inflammation of lung is known as pneumonia. This disease occurs due to various reasons like bacteria, virus, parasites etc. It is a fatal disease. Germ or parasites of this disease spread through food, water and breath of disease affected goat.

  • Symptoms: Body temperature of affected goat increases for up to 41° to 45° Fahrenheit. They take breath frequently. Suffer by coughing and snivel ooze from the nose. Tongue get swelled and they always keep it out. They feel no interest in taking food. They stop ruminating. The goats become very sick gradually and like to stay sleeping.
  • Treatment: Using antibiotic of sulphonemide group like sulphadimidin, penicillin, tetracycline, ampicillin, tylucin etc. are very effective for this disease. Choose the proper medicine according to the suggestion of a veterinarian.

Foot and Mouth Disease

Foot and mouth disease is a fatal contagious goat disease. Animals with hoof like cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, pig, deer etc. get affected by this disease. One kind of tiny virus are responsible for this disease.

  • Symptoms: The first symptoms of this disease is fever. Succulent blister like water can be seen inside their mouth, lips, tongue and middle of the two hoof. This blister rupture while eating food and the wound place turned into red color. Saliva flows from their mouth. Bad smell spread from the wound place. Various types of insects take place in the wound place.
  • Treatment: This is among the fatal goat diseases and has no proper treatment. Use antibiotic medicines for keeping your goats free from other diseases and virus. Wash the wound place of the affected goat with antibiotic. Apply foot and mouth disease preventive vaccine after every 4 to 6 months.


This disease occurs due to toxin produced by bacteria of clostridium species. Enterotoxemia infect the goat when the farmer feed his goat only grainy food. Because grainy food helps to produce toxin and grow the bacteria rapidly.

  • Symptoms: Affected goat get excited and can die suddenly. Body remain shaking and flagrant always. They stave off their head with solid objects. Saliva flows from their mouth. Closet become waterish. Affected goats die within 24 hours.
  • Treatment: Treatment for this disease is not so effective. You can be benefited occasionally by using penicillin and tetracycline antibiotic.

Worm Infestation

Worms are very harmful parasites for goats. Baby goats get affected by worms more than adult. Adult goats get affected by tapeworm and baby goats by flatworms.

  • Symptoms: Belly of infected goat become very big sized. And they become very sick slowly. General body growth get reduced. Desirability get damaged. Sometimes worms come out with their closet. Affected goats loss their appetite.
  • Treatment: This disease can be cured by using worm preventive medicines for domestic animal like mebendazole, cambendazole, thiophanate etc. As worms are parasites, so feed your goat fresh and clean grass and water.

Tips For Keeping Your Goats Free From Diseases

  • Clean their house, feed and water pot with germicide regularly.
  • Always clean the closet and urine of goat.
  • Keep different aged goat in separate pen.
  • Always feed your goat nutritious feed. Don’t feed them rotten or used feed by other animals.
  • Never keep recently bought goats with your existing farm goats.
  • Before keeping with farm goat check them whether they are affected by any goat diseases or not.
  • If any goat of your farm get affected by diseases, then separate them from healthy one and provide proper treatment.
  • Dead body of the affected goats should burned with fire or keep it under soil.
  • Vaccinate the goat timely and provide them medicine on a regular basis for preventing worm.
  • The main enemy of goat is rain and cold. So, they should be kept safe from cold and rain.
  • And finally, always take good care of your goats. By proper care and management, they will remain healthy and free from diseases.

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