How To Build A Poultry House: Complete Guide for the Beginners

Housing is very important factor for poultry farming and how to build a poultry house is a common question for the producers. Basically the poultry housing is the main process of keeping your birds healthy, fast growing and producing the maximum. You have to make proper poultry housing plans, before starting poultry farming business or making a poultry house.

How to Build a Poultry House

Choose a suitable place for building chicken coop. There are many ways of making poultry house. So, you have to chose the method on how you will build a poultry house. You have to make a proper and affordable poultry housing design first to become successful in chicken farming.

Before making chicken coop, you have to keep in mind about some factor like the house will be well ventilated, free from predators or enemies, sufficient health facilities etc. Be sure all the facilities are fully available in your designed poultry house.
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For successful poultry farming the chicken coop should contain some necessary facilities like it will be well ventilated, sufficient flow of air and sunlight will be available inside the poultry house. It would be better, if the house become south faced. The house must have to be free from harmful animals and birds.

Keep the new chickens and the hen for sale separated from each other. The hen for sale should kept in another house. Before making houses for poultry birds, keep in mind that every chicken needs 40 to 50 squire centimeters place.

Suppose you have decided to make a poultry house for 1000 chickens then the area of the poultry house would be between 40000 to 50000 squire centimeters. Keep the food and feeding equipment in regular distance according to the number of chickens and their daily food demands.

Useful Tips

Some essential information about chicken housing are described bellow for making a suitable and proper poultry house.

  • The poultry house must have to be well ventilated.
  • Ensure sufficient entrance of sunlight and fresh air inside the house.
  • It would be better if the house become situated north to south faced.
  • The proper distance of one house to another house is about 40 feet.
  • Clean the house properly before keeping the birds inside the poultry house.
  • Make a deep liter and keep it dry and clean always.
  • Wooden and rice bran can be used for making liter.
  • Keep feed and feeding equipment in proper distance inside the poultry house according to the number and demand of poultry birds.
  • The poultry house and all equipment must have to be free from virus, parasites and germs.
  • Build the poultry house in such a place where all the poultry birds are free from all types of wild animals and other predators.
  • The poultry housing area will be free from loud sound/sound pollution.
  • Make the poultry house in quite and calm place.
  • It would be better if the house located in an open air place.

However, to be successful in poultry farming the producers must have to be aware in making the poultry house. Be sure that all necessary equipment and facilities are available inside the poultry house.

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