Indian Gola Pigeon: Characteristics, Uses & Breed Information

The Indian Gola pigeon is a breed of domestic homing pigeon which has very good homing instinct. It is common in it’s native area but is pretty rare abroad.

A little history of this breed was known before 1900. But it was referenced by Fazl (a pigeon fancier), whose words are recorded as early as 1590.

The breed is a wild field pigeon of good tame disposition, and it was easily domesticated by the farmers and field workers in central and northern parts of India. The Indian Gola pigeons became a very valuable and economical addition to each farmstead of that area.

These birds would range out gathering grain spilled from the harvest as well as wild seeds during the daylight hours. And they usually return to their roosting sheds in the evening. However, read some more information about the Indian Gola pigeon breed below.

Indian Gola Pigeon Appearance

The Indian Gola pigeon is a smaller sized pigeon breed. It has red eyes and can appear in many colors and patterns.

Average live body weight of the mature birds is around 400 grams. Photo and info from DeviantArt and Wikipedia.
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This pigeon breed is used for flying and general purposes.

Special Notes

The Indian Gola pigeon is a strong breed. It is raised for both speed and endurance. These birds are excellent flyers, and they have an average speed of 65-70 mph. They can fly 10-11 hours without stopping.

They have very good homing instinct. Although the mature birds can’t be used for racing, because the adults can not trained. The only way to train them is by bringing them when they are 10-12 days old, and feeding them by hand.

They will try their level-best to return to their loft, once they grow up and know their loft properly.

In India, the Indian Gola pigeon always move freely. They usually gather grains during the daylight hours, and return to home in the evening.

The breed is also pretty good for raising as pets. However, review full breed profile of this breed in the following chart.

Indian Gola Pigeon | Breed Profile

Breed Name Indian Gola
Other Name None
Breed Purpose Flying, pets
Special Notes Beautiful birds, very hardy and active, good for flying, raised for both speed and endurance, good homing instinct, easily trained, pretty good for raising as pets
Breed Class Small to medium
Weight Around 400 grams
Climate Tolerance Native climates
Flying Ability Very good
As Pets Good
Color Many
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin India

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