Layer Poultry Feed: What to Feed Your Laying Chickens

Good quality and nutritious feeding is the main and most important part for successful layer poultry farming business. Layer poultry are known as the egg machines. Because they consume food and convert them to eggs.

There are some poultry breeds available which can produce up to 280 to 320 eggs per year. But for getting maximum egg production from layer poultry, you must have to be more conscious about their feeding management.

You can feed your birds homemade layer poultry feed or pellet feed which are available in the market. But ensure that ‘all the necessary nutrient ingredients are available in proper ratio in the layer poultry feed’.

For commercial egg production, poultry producers around the world usually used to feed their bird commercially prepared pellet layer poultry feed.

This type of commercial poultry feed contain proper ratio of required feed ingredients, Vitamins, Minerals and other nutrients. You can just purchase and start feeding your birds.
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You can also feed your birds home prepared balanced feed. In case of preparing feeds by your own, you can ensure availability of all types of required elements (energy, protein, vitamins and minerals) in their feed.

And it’s absolutely better than commercially prepared feeds. Because, while preparing the feeds by your own, you can always check the quality of feed ingredients and choose the best elements for your feed mixture.

This will ensure a healthy life, better growth and maximum production from your layer poultry farming business. A chart of supplementary layer poultry feed is shown below.

Feed Ingredients Different Aged Layer Poultry
Starter (1-4 w) Growing (4-18 w) Egg Laying (18-72 w)
Broken Wheat 36 34 32
Wheat Chaff 10 10 10
Broken Rice 10 10 10
Rice Bran 8 15 10
Sesame Cake 12 12 12
Kipper Fish Dust 14 10 12
Dried Molasses 2 2 2
Oyster Dust 2 3 8
Boiled Triticum Aestivus 5 3 3
Salt 0.5 0.5 0.5
Premix (Vit & Min) 0.5 0.5 0.5
Total 100 100 100

Layer poultry birds drink lots of water daily. So, keep sufficient amount of clean and fresh water inside their house. Try to serve them slightly warm water during winter season.

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