Lourdais Cattle: Characteristics, Uses & Full Breed Information

The Lourdais cattle are a multipurpose breed of cattle. They are actually a French breed of cattle from the Pyrenees. The breed is now used for meat production.

Lourdais cattle comes from a group of ancient yellow cattle breeds. Those yellow cattle were known for a long time in Aquitaine, parent of Limousin cattle breed.

Before becoming Blonde d’Aquitaine in 1962, this breed was grouped with other yellow breeds as “Blondes des Pyrénées”. Numbers of the Lourdais cattle breed fell to 30 cows and one bull in the 1980s.

But currently, there are 170 cows and 20 bulls. A ‘Ferme Conservatoire’ maintains a herd of some twenty cows with good milking qualities. Read more information about this cattle breed below.

Lourdais Cattle Characteristics

Lourdais cattle are medium sized animals. They have creamy white or yellow colored coat with clear skin. Both bulls and cows have horns.

Their horns are long with upward curving. Average live body weight of these animals is about 650 kg. Photo and info from Wikipedia.
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This cattle breed was regarded as the best multipurpose breed in the Pyrenees. They were used for hauling timber in the mountains and for producing milk. Today the breed is used mainly for meat production.

Special Notes

The Lourdais cattle are of good behavior and have relatively calm temperament. The cows are pretty good milk producers, and they produce about 6000 kg of milk per lactation.

Milk of these cows was often used for making cheese. The breed is also good for meat production. And today it is raised as a beef cattle breed. Review full breed profile of this breed in the following table.

Lourdais Cattle | Breed Profile

Breed Name Lourdais
Other Name None
Breed Purpose Meat, Milk
Special Notes Active, Docile
Breed Size Medium


Bulls About 650 kg
Cows Less than 650 kg
Climate Tolerance All Climates
Coat Color Creamy white or yellow
Horned Yes
Milk Yield Medium
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin France

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