Old German Owl Pigeon: Characteristics & Breed Information

The Old German Owl pigeon (German: Altdeutsches Mövchen) is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon from Germany. It is the originator of the short faced German Shield Owls.

Due to it’s resemblance to the silver gull in color and markings, it was the first breed in Germany to be called Mövchen (“Little Gull”).

The Old German Owl pigeon breed was again formally recognized in Germany in 1956, but the first official standard was not adopted in Europe until 1960.

The standard was adopted by the National Pigeon Association of America in 1999. Many color variants of this breed are available.

And currently the breed is common in it’s homeland and also available in some other countries throughout the world. Read some more information about this domestic fancy pigeon breed below.

Old German Owl Pigeon Appearance

Old German Owl pigeon is an average sized bird with very beautiful appearance. It has nearly round and broad head with a well arched forehead.

These birds have small but full shell crest over their head, closing with rosettes. They have large, bright and lively bull eyes.

Cere is light and delicate. Their neck is short, stocky, held proudly and slanting slightly backwards and upright. The throat has a slight dewlap and a well-developed frill.

Their beak is of medium length, broad and light flesh in color, making an obtuse angle with the forehead. The wattle is small and undeveloped.
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Breast of the Old German Owl pigeon is broad, well rounded and held forward prominently. They have strong wings, lying close to the body, covering the back and resting on the tail.

Their back is broad in the shoulders, becoming narrower toward the tail and sloping downward. Their tail is held tightly together, as short as possible. Their legs are short and the shanks are scarcely visible.

Their feet and toes are never feathered. Their feathers are well developed and lying tightly against the body.

Main color and patterns of the Old German Owl pigeon include: ash red, blue, brown, recessive red, checks, spread, and bars in black, red, brown and white and dilutes of these base colors.

As a small to medium sized breed, average body height of the mature birds is about 25 cm. And average mature live body weight of the Old German Owl pigeon is between 280 and 360 grams. Photo and info from Wikipedia.


Old German Owl pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon. It is raised for exhibition and ornamental purposes.

Special Notes

The Old German Owl pigeon is a calm bird with very good temperament. It seems to be easy-going bird. Although some birds have been described as quiet or even shy.

But they can be more active and friendly by copying other tame pigeons in their loft. These birds are usually well regarded for high intelligence combined with a gentle, responsive nature.

The breed is mainly raised for exhibition and ornamental purposes. But it is also very good for raising as pets. Average lifespan of these birds is about 7 to 10 years.

However, review full breed profile of these birds in the following chart.

Old German Owl Pigeon | Breed Profile

Breed Name Old German Owl
Other Name German: Altdeutsches Mövchen
Breed Purpose Show, ornamental and pets
Special Notes Beautiful birds, calm, very good temperament, easy-going, friendly, highly intelligent, gentle and responsive nature, good for exhibition purpose, good for ornamental purpose, good for raising as pets
Breed Class Small to medium
Weight 280 to 360 grams
Climate Tolerance All climates
Flying Ability Good
As Pets Very good
Color Many
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin Germany

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