Pig Breeds: Best Breeds For Pig Farming Business

There are hundreds of different domestic pig breeds (Sus scrofa domesticus) available throughout the world.

Actually a pig breed is a type of pig that has a given set of biological and physical characteristics. There are also several breeds available which are found in the wild. And some breeds have been developed as per the needs of the farmers which are called cross breeds, hybrid or improved breeds.

Pig breeders have developed many breeds to suit modern farming in the same way that sheep and cows have been bred over time to be certain shapes, sizes, colors or temperaments. The cross breeds usually have parents of two or more different breeds.

On the other hand, the pure breed pigs are those animals which are bred from parents of the same breed or variety. It is believed that the majority of the pig breeds we know today are descended from the Eurasian Wild Boar (Sus scrofa).

Domestication of the pg occurs as early as 9,000 years ago, according to the archaeological evidence from the Middle East. With some evidence for domestication even earlier in China. Figurines, as well as bone, dating the sixth or seventh millennium BC have been found at sites in the Middle East.

Pigs were also a popular subjects for statuettes in ancient Persia. Initially most of the livestock were utilized by the normadic peoples, pigs are more indicative of a settled farming community.

The reason for this is simply because pig are difficult to herd and move for long distances. Pigs have become vital to the economy in parts of the world.

For example, there exists a “pig culture” in New Guinea as strong and complex as any African culture based on cattle.

Today pig farming business have become popular throughout the world and numerous breeds are available for different purposes. However, here we have listed some pig breeds which are raised and popular throughout the world.

List of Pig Breeds

Name Origin
Angeln Saddleback Germany
American Yorkshire United States
Arapawa New Zealand
Berkshire United Kingdom
British Saddleback United Kingdom
Chato Murciano Spain
Choctaw United States
Danish Protest Germany
Duroc United States
Dutch Landrace Netherlands
Essex United Kingdom
Fengjing China
Gloucestershire Old Spots United Kingdom
Hampshire United Kingdom
Hereford United States
Italian Landrace Italy
Kunekune New Zealand
Lacombe Canada
Large Black United Kingdom
Large White United Kingdom
Mangalica Hungary
Meishan China
Middle White United Kingdom
Mora Romagnola Italy
Mulefoot Gulf Coast
Nero Siciliano Italy
Ossabaw Island Ossabaw Island
Oxford Sandy and Black United Kingdom
Red Wattle United States
Swedish Landrace Sweden
Swabian-Hall Germany
Tamworth United Kingdom
Turopolje Croatia
Pot-bellied Vietnam
Welsh United Kingdom
Wessex Saddleback United Kingdom

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