List of Rabbit Breeds: Good Breeds for Raising as Pets & for Meat

Rabbit farming business is very profitable. Anyone can start a rabbit farming business with little investment and capital. The profit of rabbit farming depends on the selection of proper rabbit breeds, care and well management. But selecting the suitable rabbit breeds is most important. There are many breeds available around the world. All this breeds are not suitable for commercial farming. Some breeds are suitable for certain area and some are worldwide.

Different Types of Rabbit Breeds

There are many different breeds available throughout the world. The size of rabbit breeds are different. They are of small, medium and large sized. Some breeds are highly meat or wool productive and some are famous for fur or lab production. Some highly productive commercial breeds of rabbit are described below.

White New Zealand

The white New Zealand rabbit breed is a most popular and high productive commercial breeds of rabbit. It has a great demand around the world. White New Zealand rabbit breed is an American creation which appeared after red New Zealand rabbit. They are highly fur and meat productive. An adult bucks weights about 10 pounds and does 11 pounds.

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Checkered Giant Rabbit


Californian rabbit breed is an another highly productive and widely famous commercial rabbit. This breed is also an American creation. This breed was produced in 1923 after long experiment and crossbreeding. Californian rabbit breed is very popular for their meat production. Their body is white colored. Nose, ears, tail and feet are dark gray or black colored. When the bucks gain maturity they weights 9 pounds and the does 9.5 pounds.

Champagne d’Argent

Champagnes d’Argent is one of the oldest commercial rabbit in the world. They are also known as French Silver. Champagne d’Argent has been raised in French for more than 100 years. They become black colored when they born. But when they gain maturity the color of their body turned to silver or skimmed milk color. Mature bucks weights 10 pounds and does 10.5 pounds.


Satin rabbit breed originated from America. They are highly meat and fur productive and very suitable for commercial farming. They become very beautiful to look and excellent for rabbit show. Adult bucks weights about 9 pounds and does 9.5 pounds.

Commercial Rabbit Breeds

A list of commercial breeds of rabbit is shown below. All the breeds mentioned in the list are very good for commercial rabbit farming business. They are very good for meat production and are highly productive.

Size Rabbit Breeds Purpose Weight(LBS)
Small Dutch Lab 3-6
Himalayan Lab 2-6
Polish Lab 3-4
Medium New Zealand Meat 9-12
American Chinchilla Fur 9-12
Californian Meat 8-11
Champagne d’Argent Meat 9-12
English Spot Meat & Lab 9-13
Silver Martens Fur 6-10
Angora Wool & Meat 9-12
Rex Fur 8-11
Large Checkered Giants Fur 11+
Flemish Giants Meat 13+

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