Sahiwal Cattle: Characteristics, Uses, Color & Origin

The Sahiwal cattle is a breed of zebu cow. It is named after an area in the Punjab region (which is divided between Pakistan and India), where the cattle is found.

It is considered as a heat-tolerant cattle breed. And it can perform well in it’s native area. It is known by some other names such as Mint Kumre, Lambi Bar, Lola, Montgomery, Multani and Teli.

The breed was originated in the dry Punjab region which lies along central Punjab. Once these animals were kept in large herds by professional herdsmen called ‘Charwahas’.

They began to be kept in smaller numbers by the farmers of the region, with the introduction of irrigation system to the region. And the farmers used them as draught and dairy animal.

Today, the Sahiwal cattle is one of the best dairy cattle breeds in India and Pakistan. The cows are calm when milking.

The breed is good for raising in the hot South Asian countries, due to it’s heat tolerance and high milk production. And the breed has been exported to many other Asian countries as well as Africa and the Caribbean.

Sahiwal Cattle Characteristics

The Sahiwal cattle are medium in size and they are very beautiful. Their common body coloration is brownish red to greyish red. Both bulls and cows generally have horns.

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As a medium sized breed, average body weight of the mature bulls is between 400 and 500 kg. And average body weight of the mature cows is between 700 and 800 kg.


The Sahiwal cattle are dual-purpose animals. They are good and used for both dairy and draft purposes. But in India, the breed is raised mainly for milk production purpose.

Special Notes

The Sahiwal cattle are very strong and hardy animals. They are very heat tolerant and generally do very well in some south Asian countries.

The cows are the heaviest milkers of all zebu cattle breeds, and they display a well-developed udder.

Sahiwal cattle are now predominantly used in Australia for beef production, as crossing high-grade Sahiwal sires with European breeds produced a carcass of lean quality with desirable fat cover. Sahiwal bulls have demonstrated the ability to sire small, fast-growing calves, noted for their hardiness under unfavorable climatic conditions.[1]

Milk of the Sahiwal cattle is of very good quality and generally used for making many different milk products. However, review full breed profile of this cattle breed in the chart below.

Sahiwal Cattle | Breed Profile

Breed Name Sahiwal
Other Names Also known by some other names such as Mint Kumre, Lambi Bar, Lola, Montgomery, Multani and Teli
Breed Purpose Milk and draft
Special Notes Good behavior and temperament, known for their hardiness and their ability to convert grass into milk efficiently, able to adapt a wide variety of climates, very good for milk production, milk is of good quality, the breed is also good for meat, good for draft purposes, top among the zebu cattle breeds
Breed Size Medium
weight Bulls Between 400 and 500 kg
Cows Between 700 and 800 kg
Climate Tolerance All climates
Coat Color Generally brownish red to greyish red
Horned Yes
Milk Yield Good
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin Pakistan

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