Sheep Diseases: Different Diseases Affect Sheep

The main prerequisite of getting desired production from any animal is controlling their diseases. Same disease preventive steps should take for diseases of sheep like other animal cow, goat, buffalo etc.

Diseases preventive methods of goat and sheep are about same. But as the sheep stay in group so, if one sheep get infected by any diseases the the whole group may affected.

And the probability of getting infected is very high. Parasites is very high in sheep than goat. Harmful insects can easily take place in the wool of sheep and do a lot of damage of the sheep.

This parasites can easily spread throughout the group. So, wash the sheep regularly with parasites removing medicine or spread this over their body.

Apply disease preventive vaccine according to the suggestion of veterinary surgeon to keep the sheep free from disease.

Feed the sheep worm protective medicine regularly to keep themselves free from worms like tapeworm, flatworm, roundworm etc.

Diseases of Sheep

Diseases in goat and sheep are of same types. And preventive methods also same. Sheep generally get infected by scrapy, toximia, worm, external parasites etc. Sheep mostly get infected by external parasites.

To prevent this diseases the farmer should take necessary steps according to the local veterinary surgeon.

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