Shrimp Farming: Commercial Business Guide for Beginners

Shrimp farming is very profitable and it is one of the important and valuable species of fish. It is a water animal without any backbone. The total fish and fish products produced and exported per year, 65 percent of those are shrimp or shrimp products.

Millions of dollar comes to our country by exporting fish and fish products. A large portion of that income comes from shrimp. The ratio of total fish farming production and shrimp production is 41 : 25.

Probability of Shrimp Farming

There are about 0.22 million hectors of shrimp cultivable land in the tropical southern area of our country. This types of land is very suitable for shrimp farming. About 0.11 million hectors of those land are being used for shrimp farming using the traditional shrimp farming methods. Where the farmer can produce highest 180 to 200 kg of shrimp on an average per year. Which is comparatively very low than other countries.

But by using modern shrimp farming methods, producing 5 to 6 tons of shrimps per hector is possible within 6 months. Only a few number of farmer in our country has started using this shrimp farming method, and they are getting the benefits of it. If this method can be spread through the whole country then we will be able to earn millions of dollar per year.
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Species of Shrimp

There are about 60 species of shrimp available in our river and sea area. A few species of those species are very suitable for shrimp farming and those are very profitable. Among those, lobster and prawn are most profitable for farming. Lobster is cultivated in freshwater. They become big sized and weights between 250 to 400 grams. Among the saltwater shrimp, prawn is cultivated in a plenty. It is known as “black tiger” to the farmer. A little description about this two types of shrimp are described bellow.


Lobster is a freshwater shrimp. It can’t be cultivated without freshwater. It’s body is slightly green to almond shaped or blackish. The outer covering area of lobster minnow is covered with 2 to 5 blackish spot. The rostrum is lofty and curved. The head of lobster is very big and the leg is very long. The first and second pair of legs is pincering. The second pair of legs of male lobster is long and bigger than the female lobster. Lobster farming is very profitable.


Prawn is a valuable saltwater fish species and being cultivated in saltwater. If the farmer cultivate the prawn in freshwater, then he will not get the desired production. The color of prawn is brown or slightly green. It’s body is blackish striped spots like the tiger. For this reason it is called black tiger. The minnow of prawn is almost reddish colored from it’s heat to tail. This red color turned slightly green when they starts growing. The rostrum of prawn is curved and wide. There are 8 corrugation in the upper side and 4 in lower side in rostrum.

However, shrimp farming is very profitable. The farmer should cultivate shrimp by using the modern shrimp farming method to get better production and benefits.

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