Swan Farming: Complete Business Guide For Beginners

Swan farming is very profitable and pleasuring. There are many types of domestic birds. Some of them are raised for meat, some of them are raised for eggs and some of for both to improve our socioeconomic condition.

Among them the swan bird is one of the species. Basically, the swan are raised for its beauty and economic importance. Nowadays swan farming has become a popular income source.

Besides it the swan works as a guard of our house. It keeps us free from thief. It increase the beauty of our house. Raise the swans bird and it will works as a grass cutting machine. The swan will eat all types of insects and make our environment neat and clean.

The meat and eggs of swan bird can be consumed as food and form its feather we can make quilt pillow etc. Swan lays a low quantity of eggs in whole year. So the farmer do not consume its egg. He would like to produce baby swan from this eggs.

How to Start Swan Farming Business

There are some common steps for starting a swan farming business. Here we are trying to describe more about this.

Select Swan Breeds

There are various swan breeds available. Some of these breeds are described below.


  • Tuluze is a heavy weight swan bird.
  • This species comes from French.
  • This species gives most egg among all heavy weight swan birds.
  • But the female swans do not make baby swan by heating the eggs herself.
  • The lips and leg are orange colored.
  • Neck belly and tail is white colored.
  • The male swan can be up to 14 kg weight and the female are 9 kg.


  • This species of swan bird comes from Hanover of Germany.
  • This species of swan are heavy weight too.
  • They lays a good quantity of eggs.
  • They are more quiet than any other species of swan bird.
  • The lips are light orange color.
  • Legs are filled with white feathers.
  • The male and female swans weights between 14-9 kg.


  • This species of swan comes from china.
  • This species is smaller than Tuluze and Emden.
  • But this swan bird lays more eggs. They lays about 60 eggs per year.
  • There are two types of Chinese swan bird. The black swan and the white swan.
  • The feather and lips are brown colored.
  • The lips and leg of white swan is bright orange color. Feather is absolutely white.
  • The male and female swans weights between 9-8 kg.
  • They have a great popularity as home guard.

Besides with this species there are more swan species too. The African is one of them. The Indian swan is also an another popular swan bird. If you want to raise the swan you have to maintain some steps to raise the swans.


Housing is a very important part of swan farming. The swans is a very nice bird. They like to live in clean place. So, before making house for swan you have to keep in mind some essential steps.

  • The house of the swan in an open place.
  • It will be well ventilated.
  • The rain and sun heat will never bother them.
  • The floor may be of different. It can be concrete, raw but tight or with wire.
  • If you make deep liter it should be 15 centimeter depth.
  • The floor will always be dry.
  • The keeping management of the house will be well.
  • House will be free from thief and wild animals.
  • Farmer should keep one box for every three swan birds for laying eggs.
  • The food and water pot will be different.

In the case of swan mating you have to go ahead in a systematic way. Such as for heavy weight species of the swans you have to keep one male bird per every 3-4 birds.

For Chinese swan you can keep one male bird for every 4-5 birds. You should not use them for mating until they reach one year of age. It would be better if you use them for mating at the age of two.

The female swans are able to mate till their 15 years of age. Generally they lays eggs in spring season.

The Chinese swan start laying eggs from winter season. The generally lays eggs at morning. They gives more eggs and big sized eggs in second and third year than first year.

These eggs can be used to produce baby swan bird by hen, turkey or incubator. In natural system it takes 28-30 days to come out the baby swan from the egg.


Swan generally eats feed from natural sources. They like to eat grass, small leaf of tree, snail and different types of insects.

For swan farming purpose you can feed them home made poultry feed and feeds which is available in the market for the swans. Broken rice, wheat etc. can be use as the feed of swan. You have to serve proper quantity of protein to the swan feed.

Swan is a very beautiful domestic poultry bird. If it can be raised in proper way then a good result can be made from it.

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